Services and Prices SitterZone

SitterZone zone for part and full-time care by professional sitters and teachers.

  • We provide care for the hygiene of the child – changing diapers, changing clothes, washing and bathing.
  • We take care of the hygiene of the child’s personal belongings – tableware, toys, bed, stroller, clothes, room, etc.
  • We take care of laundry and ironing of the child’s clothes and bedding.
  • We understand that the daily routine and food regime of the child are very important.
  • Our favourite part arethe walks and the outdoor games with children as well as the organization of home parties with the child’s friends.
  • We can offer talented teacher who can develop further the skills of your child – singing, painting, reciting, dancing, foreign languages, music, etc.
  • In order for us to be united and healthy, we provide your child with opportunities to dosports с нас и в with us in specialized groups.
  • The security of the children always comes first. Therefore, we offer to escort your child to and take it from nursery, kindergarten, school, extracurricular activities, and others.
  • We also provide the needed help for the preparation of your child for kindergarten and school.
  • 80 h/month719.90lv.
  • 160 h/month1295.90lv.
  • 160 h/month foreign language1550.90lv.
  • 8 h/month83.60lv.
  • 16 h/month 156.60lv.
Last minute
  • 16 h/month 185.80lv.
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Methods of Payment

The payment is to be done via bank transfer after the confirmation of the order of your subscription and up to 2 days before the service (start of the subscription). The services are valid for a period of 30 days after the purchase of the subscription!

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